just plain sara: October 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Halloween Pin-Up Photos

I just finished uploading the Rogue and Harley Quinn pin-up photos by Jay Fife. I'm exhausted! I haven't even gotten to resize the Bettie Page inspired ones. That will have to be another day. For now, please Digg my links to AmberUnmasked.com's new pages:

New Catwoman Pics

This is how I spent my Halloween for 2010. One of my dearest friends Jay Fife came all the way from Ohio to shoot reference pictures for his pin-up art. We did several series from Bettie Page to Harley Quinn and Rogue. It’s this Catwoman set that we did in a better setting which makes for better photos than my living room. Hopefully Jay will get to use them whenever he gets a commission for Catwoman.

This is one of two costumes in my closet that I didn't make myself. I bought it and had to modify it. It still doesn't fit right. The shoulders were always really weird. And I had taken it in so much last summer from losing weight that now I can't zip it because I put the weight back on. Oh well. 


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Great Allentown Comic Con this weekend, Oct. 30th

I'll be helping judge the Costume Contest at the Great Allentown Comic Con so be nice to me! Bribes help! :)


You have had many "adventures". Ever think of writing a book?

I want to turn my "adventures" into comics or a graphic novel of short stories. Now that I've read other real world comics like "The Alcoholic," I see that there is an audience for things non-supernatural or zombie in the comics market. I have a short story scripted that I'll be expanding now that I've gotten feedback from peers and medical experts to make it a better and longer script. It might take up to a year to get the writing done, then to afford an artist and letterer is a whole 'nother challenge. I still don't know that anyone would want to read it but I won't know until I do it.

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Favorite discovery this year. Can be a book, food, band, local hot spot, whatever. Thing you're glad to have found.

My new friends from this year's con circuit!

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You are tasked with choosing Indiana Jones or Star Wars, only one can survive, what do you choose? Why?

Indiana Jones - I just feel a more real connection to the adventures here on Earth than in space. While Han is a sexy bad boy, there's just something that rocks my world about a really intelligent professor in khaki who is capable of rescuing me. Even Dr. Jones, Sr. is hot as hell (as witnessed by my drooling and blushing of the one I saw at NYCC).

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If anyone could grant you one wish right now, for yourself no matter how guilty a pleasure it might be, what would you wish for?

I don't believe in world peace so that's pointless. Maybe power, happiness or inner peace.

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Any plans for more Cosplay Deviants shoots?

I have a lot of ideas but I'm now 7 hours from the photographer I loved working with. I'll be starting a series of interviews with my other CosDev family members for my site in the meantime. I have to have a connection to my characters and preferably permission from the creator if it's an indie character. I always have ideas for duo projects but it's hard to find a partner (I really live far from everyone else in CosDev). My suits are also all custom designs by me and the site really prefers accurate to canon so I'd have to figure out which of my suits are as close as possible. I'd love to reshoot the F4 set because it's one of my best. Other than that suit, my new Ace costume is quite accurate. I'd love to have a Joker or Batman to torture with mind control though.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Best Wonder Woman Day ever

The 5th Annual Wonder Woman Day auction held during NJ’s Superhero Weekend raised over $16,000 for SAFE in Hunterdon. There is such a long list of people to thank for making this the best fundraiser ever. I certainly would hate to leave anyone out but I do have to throw spotlight on a specific bunch of folks that truly made a difference to our event this year.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

What do you do to stay in shape?

Nothing at the moment. I used to do pilates 4 days a wk and cardio 5 days a wk. I miss my routine. If I manage 30 minutes I'll do a short yoga routine.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

What would you be looking for in a male Cosplay Deviant set? Any particular character? My first two choices right now are the Crow (from the comic not the movie) and Sepheroth.

The Lone Ranger, Green Hornet or perhaps Captain Mal Reynolds (Serenity). But if someone actually did The Lone Ranger I'd love be in the shoot as Linda (shh don't tell Tonto) since my Cowgirl set on my personal site is my most popular. There are several others I'd love to duo with like Fantastic 4, Royal Flush Gang or finding an Artemis to do a girl/girl set with my Wonder Woman.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

NEWSARAMA interview

For those of you that have been sticking around me and my YouTube Channel since my first show on May 22, 2008, you might have noticed that I have some favorite channels I regularly watch. One of them is ComicBookClub featuring three wonderful geeky guys, Justin, Alex and Pete from New York City. For years now I've been hoping to get on their show or at least visit them at the People's Improv Theatre on a Tuesday night. My (irrational) fear of going to NYC on my own and getting back to NJ in one piece has prevented me from actually accomplishing this goal.

However, I went out on a limb and asked Alex if it would be possible to get on the show to talk about Wonder Woman Day while all of us were in NY for Comic Con. I was thrilled that they were willing to accommodate me! When it got to be time to meet up with Pete, I was panicking due to the lack of knowledge of the NYCC volunteer who sent me through the incorrect long line trying to get my press pass for the show. I ended up running to the booth out of breath and sweaty when Pete was ready to roll camera.

Here's the link to the interview. Just fair warning to any observers that Newsarama has pop up ads. Sorry but they have bills to pay too.

As much as your WW costume is great, ever think of upgrading it?

It's been upgraded once. I have other chars that I want to do first but if I could ever afford a prop-maker then I'd consider it. It's just not a priority. I repair as needed at this point.

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any characters that you would refuse to do if asked? Any villains you'd like to do that you haven't?

Basically my criteria is that I have like the character. I wouldn't say I'll never do Dawn for example bec if I decided to read up on her I might like her. I have said I'll never do Slave Leia but I said it about Harley & did it as a request for an apearance so you never know. Villains are tough but I know I want to do Circe & Queen (from Royal Flush Gang) if my skills ever develop enough to make them right.

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Do you honestly think you're not taken seriously in conversations? (FWIW: You must be talking to snobs or idiots alot) ;)

Thanks. But yes, it's true. I'm not an "expert," I'm an enthusiastic fan so when I can't spout through the details of any DC Crisis, I often feel like conversations are beyond my scope when it comes to geekdom. As for things like politics or religion, I pretty much have a zero tolerance policy & won't discuss them since open-minded people are a rare find.

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Who was the first comic character you portrayed?

Not sure if having Wonder Woman bathsuits & underoos count; as an adult since my 1st costume was my orig char who hasn't been in a comic, I guess the 1st was Marvel's Black Cat.

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If you were born a man, how do you think your life would be different?

It's interesting because when I was little, I desperately wanted to be a boy. I wanted to play ice hockey and work on cars. Since I couldn't change that I figured I dream of being a Playboy centerfold and successful writer. If I was a man, I think I would have made more money at each job; gotten the better deals in each divorce; I'd be taken way more seriously in a conversation. But I'd feel even guiltier for being back home with my folks.

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Have you ever considered investing in better bras? Your tits are so saggy.

They're real and I'm 38 - I think they look pretty damn good. And yes, proper bras are very expensive which I can only get shipped from England because the US sizes are all wrong.

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Ever have a costume go wrong at a con?

Sure have. My Umbrella Academy pants fell apart within seconds. I had it on long enough for 2 photos then had to change.

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What do you enjoy most about doing your shoots?

I get to feel like a real movie star during a shoot. If you've ever flipped through a mag like Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone or Playboy, then you'd see the celebrity shoots. For a few hours, I get to feel like that I'm that pretty, that popular, and that interesting to people. With my shoots, I was very lucky that I had become friends with the photographers quickly and always had a friend with me so after any anxiety, I really would relax and have a lot fun. I'm essentially a big goofball once you get to know me.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Panel Surfing interview

PANELSURFING did a really lovely interview with me all about my costuming history and comics love. Jason Versaggi asked me about my favorite costumes and my worst experiences in them. I got to tell him all about the unsavory incident at this year's NYCC but honestly it wasn't as bad as what some ladies go through. I haven't been actually assaulted other than feeling like an NFL linebacker getting through the aisles.

I discussed the overall process I go through to craft a superhero costume and which parts I hate doing. Plus there are some indications about what just might be on my 2011 To Do List. Some have been my To Do List for a while and keep getting bumped for other last minute projects so this might be the year for Chris Weston's Black Widow or J.H. Williams' Batwoman. You never know what I'll feel like doing!

Be sure to leave comments telling Jason you loved the interview. As a fellow journalist, I can tell you that we really appreciate constructive feedback.

Monday, October 18, 2010

News of Amber Unmasked

I should be finding out soon when Newsarama posts their interview with me at NYCC where I spoke about NJ's Wonder Woman Day. There will be other coverage on Raging Bullets, CGS, hopefully CNI, and GeekSyndicate. 

Also just did an interview with Panel Surfing's @ - still blows my mind anyone wants to interview ME. I do the interviewing!

Speaking of interviewing, check out my series with some of our participating artists. I've posting one each day.

If you aren't keeping up, our superhero weekend featuring WWD is this coming weekend, Oct 23-24th at Comic Fusion in Flemington, NJ.

The following weekend (Halloween weekend) I will be a guest at the Great Allentown Comic Con on Oct 30th! 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

NYCC 2010

If you find any pics of me out there please let me know. I feel like I didn’t get out much to be photographed but honestly, staying at a booth makes the convention so much less exhausting than walking around. I love having a base camp. So because I rarely wandered more than a few feet from the booth, I was surprised when a facebook friend said I was on Mania.com again this year.

I have a really long recap of each day at AmberUnmasked.com. The bottom line is I have a few moments of fear and panic but they were outweighed by all the great fun with my friends.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NY Comic Con costumes are ready!

I don't have a real firm schedule but I've got a general idea of what I'll be wearing on each day for New York Comic Con. You can check out my post at AmberUnmasked.com.

I also have new tutorials/notes about how I created the Amazonia and Ace costumes which I'll be debuting in NYCC.