just plain sara: August 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Photo Gallery Guide

If there are any concerns about visiting a site NSFW, my best advice is that if you want to visit my site (and I wish you would) but you don't want to get caught looking at naughty pictures, then here's somewhat of a guideline:
  • "SAFE" galleries - Full costume shots
  • "DISCRETION ADVISED" galleries - This is what I consider like a PG-13 movie rating. It can include lingerie, implied nudes, suggestive, naughty but playful imagery (*implied* means topless or nudes but parts are covered)
  • "NSFW" galleries - Not safe for work; nude images; butt shots even in public gallery; also I have a VIP section of NSFW images but you'd know if you were a member and how to find them and you'd know what to expect.

SAFE galleries 
Alice in Wonderland - Steampunk Fairytales
Arctic Adventures
Firestar (1st gallery)
Wonder Woman Princess
X-Men's Rogue
Star Sapphire
Flickr photosets: Rogue, Wonder Woman, Fantastic Four, Harley Quinn, Alternate X-Men, Firestar, Power Girl, Umbrella Academy, Amber the Stylist
Alice in Wonderland, Lolita/Goth/Steampunk
Pittsburgh Filmmakers Glamour Shoots
Firestar Lingerie Set
Fantastic Four
Wonder Woman / Amazon Deviant - teaser images for Cosplay Deviants set
X-Men, Picnic Rogue
NSFW galleries Must be a member of the VIP roster to actually view these:
Cowgirl with Guns
Art School Modeling - these are set up as blog posts and not in the "galleries" section; you can find them under my Resume section.
Cosplay Deviants - about once a month I highlight the new sets that are out

Friday, August 13, 2010

While costumes are on hold, trying writing

With my recent transition into another round of unemployment (no I can’t collect, unfortunately), I decided to take a bold step and empty my Comic Convention Fund and repurpose it. I took the money saved for Baltimore Comic Con and New York Comic Con and enrolled in The Comics Experience Writers’ Workshop and Intro to Comics Writing class.