just plain sara: September 2007

Friday, September 28, 2007

Down to Business: Kathryn Finney

If you’re anything like me, trawling through rails of reduced clothing and bins upon bins of accessories can be daunting. Why can’t great sale items be right there in front of you when you walk into a store? Never fear, Kathryn Finney aka The Budget Fashionista, has made a career out of shopping smart and more importantly shopping frugal. Why pay $2000 for that Marc Jacobs bag when you can get it for just $200? Her popular blog is filled with useful tidbits on fashion and beauty shopping. Kathryn’s eye for affordable fashion has made her the go-to shopping blogger for females nationwide. She’s also the women us female bloggers aspire to be. With television appearances on CNN and NBC, and articles in Essence, USA Today and the New York Times, Kathryn shares with us the secrets of successful blogging.

1. Everyone and their dog has a blog it seems. When you launched The Budget Fashionista in 2003 how did you make it stand out?

Standing out was fairly easy because there really wasn't very many blogs, especially fashion related blogs in early 2003. There's definitely something to being one of the first. I was also very lucky to have the support of my family and friends.

2. You got your Masters in Epidemiology from Yale University (Congratulations!). What made you leap from science to fashion/shopping blogging and did your immediate family and friends think you were crazy?

I married someone who's frugal and he showed me the errors of my ways. I didn't make the leap until late 2004, when Random House purchased my first book, How to Be a Budget Fashionista. My family thought it was a bit crazy, but knew that I have this crazy work ethic. If I really, truly believe in something I will work twice hard as everyone else to make sure it succeeds. A lot of the key to success is just working harder and smarter than everyone else.

3. Your knowledge on smart shopping is unmatched. I read that you once found a Zac Posen cashmere blend coat for $108.50 reduced from $2,900! How much time do you spend researching & shopping compared to actual blogging? Do you ever have days when you have nothing to blog about?!

Hmmm. I spend about 50% of my time blogging, another 40% researching - shopping stores, visiting showrooms, etc, and solid 10% procrasinating.

4. How did you turn The Budget Fashionista franchise into more than just a site? You've appeared on numerous television and radio segments and had interviews placed in national publications. Did you actively pursue these features or did they come to you as the site grew?

They came even before the site grew. My first big press was an Associated Press article about 6 months after I started the blog.

5. How do you keep your name and site out there? Do you manage your own press and

I manage it myself. I've been very lucky to have amazing reporters contact me regarding the site and because the site is so popular it often comes up on top of google during a search.

Also, my mom is like my de facto publicist. She actually got me quite a bit of press, even though she's not in the media/entertainment field. She'll just pick up the phone and call folks on my behalf. No one can publicize you like your momma.

6. What is a typical day for you?

I walk about 4 miles around central park, read my feeds, check on The Budget Fashionista as well as our new sites- See Jack Shop and The Budget Bambino, take phones or meetings, prep for a TV segment and watch Oprah and Judge Mathis (I have a secret crush on) on DVR.

7. Last year you released the book "How to be a Budget Fashionista." How did that project come about and do you have any other books lined up in the future?

My agent, Nicholas Lewis, is a Yale alumni, who found out about the site and asked me if I had ever thought about writing a book. I was like... ummm sure... Random House loved the idea and the rest is history. I'm in the middle of writing my second book.

8. What advice would you give to budding bloggers like myself on how to promote their site and themselves?

Write about what you know and be unique. Also study Search Engine Optimization techniques and read as many of the tech blogs as you do the fashion blogs.

9. What has been your best bargain find to date?

A pair of Kate Spade sandals, $13.98 at the DSW Shoe Warehouse at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN. I think I fainted when I found them.

10. Where do you see yourself and the site in 5 years?

Still preaching the gospel of being fabulous for less. Hopefully to an even bigger audience.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Kathryn Finney.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Elise Neal

Elise Neal attending the 7th Annual BMI Urban Awards held at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino on September 7, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Elise Neal definitely wants to get noticed. Over the last six months we've seen her transform into a red carpet Goddess. First her hair underwent a radical cut. Then her outfits became edgier. The leopard print shoes really make this outfit pop and the length of the dress is so classy. Undoubtedly my favorite look of Elise’s so far and judging by how many people emailed me about this dress, it’s a favorite of yours too. See below for some steal style tips.

Steal Elise’s Style

Dress: Nicole Miller Satin Ruched Dress, $355, www.saks.com

Bag: Chloe Silk Satin Clutch, $250, www.loreleinyc.com
Bangles: Floral Bangle, $5.80,
www.forever21.com; Mesh Cut Out Bangles, $4.80, www.forever21.com; Punched Metal Bracelets, $5.80, www.forever21.com
Shoes: Casadei 6112 Printed Pump, $394.95,

So many people emailed me about this dress and I feel like a failure for not finding the exact one! If anyone knows who designed Elise’s dress let us know. I’m sure it probably costs near to $400 so don’t get upset with me for picking this Nicole Miller dress for $355! I picked more dresses below.

Best of the Rest

Left to right: Eliza J Ruffle Wrap Dress, $158, www.nordstrom.com; Slim Sexy Strapless Dress, $139, www.bebe.com; Maggy Boutique Ruched Satin Cocktail Dress, $84.99, www.overstock.com; Jessica McClintock Bow Dress, $158, www.spiegel.com

Since not all of us can afford $300+ dresses, I’ve included some cheaper alternatives above. “Cheaper” being the main word since it was difficult to find dresses that looked great for under $100. Satin is such a luxurious fabric and once you start substituting it things get messy! If you do see some other alternatives let your fellow readers know in the comment box.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Twelve By Twelve

The Twelve By Twelve shopping site launched today promising “couture” at affordable prices. The company, owned by Forever 21 Inc., carries seven collections each with a signature style. Though there aren’t many items on offer just yet, my favorite line will probably be “Vintage Couture.” It’s modern chic meets retro Hollywood. Clothing comes in sizes small, medium and large but I don’t know what “large” means anymore. Head over to www.twelvebytwelve.com to scrutinize for yourselves then come back and tell me what you think, if anything. If any of you order from them definitely write a review. Thanks Alisha for the heads up ;)
Left to right: Satin Turtleneck Tunic, $28 - The Royals Collection; Optic Printed Tiered Dress, $42 - The Modern Art Collection; English Trench Coat, $49 - The Royals Collection, all available at www.twelvebytwelve.com

Monday, September 24, 2007


Top: The Pintucked Shopper, $79.90; The Duffle Tote, $44.90; The Horsebit Hobo, Bag $64.90 all available at www.flyjane.net
Middle: The Croft Belt, $11.80; Bohemian Inspired Wood Bamboo Earrings, $6.90; King's Road Sunglasses, $9.90 all available at www.flyjane.net
Bottom: Desol Wedge in Mango, $43.90; Opener Patent Flats, $27.90; The Metallic Bejeweled Taylor Tote, $69.90 all available at www.flyjane.net

Fashionistas on a budget don’t let lack of income ruin their style. In fact, they probably already know about the chic online boutique FlyJane.net that stocks some of the cutest shoes, bags and accessories online. Those of us less aware may now only just be hearing about the site but better late than never. FlyJane has unique items at affordable prices making fashion accessible to everyone. My favorite items are pictured above, but head to www.flyjane.net to find the next bag you “can’t live without.” At least this time that impulse purchase won’t upset the bank manager. ;)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Vogue Lands in India

Conde Nast is continuing its quest for world domination by launching Vogue India this month making it the 17th edition of the Vogue franchise. The inaugural issue features Bollywood stars Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra and Preity Zinta, local supermodels MoniKangana Dutta and Laxmi Menon, and Australian supermodel Gemma Ward, shot by fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier (click here to see the full fold-out cover). Now some of you may be wondering why on earth Gemma Ward is on the cover but apparently they wanted to include the “most adored faces in India and internationally.” Vogue India will be edited by Priya Tanna and according to FabSugar:

“This new edition of Vogue is expected to be more colorful and more vibrant than the western models, according to Alex Kuruvilla, managing director of Conde Nast India. He also expects it to draw attention to Indian designers, Indian photographers, and even Indian models. The Vogue India woman has the best of both the eastern and western worlds: she wears Jimmy Choo shoes along with her traditional Indian garb.”

Now I’m just patiently waiting for Vogue Africa. One day…

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My boots are fan-freakin-tastic!

Oh Great Hera! These Wonder Woman boots are so fantastic I want to just wear them all the time, and I hate heels! They're shiny. They're awesome. I'm so incredibly clumsy in them but I don't care.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Stage 1: Wonder Woman

I'm so impressed with Spandex House. At first I was wary about ordering from them since their site isn't a typical ecommerce site. You add stuff into your chart and submit the order but there's no processing. You give them your phone number and they call you to take your payment information. I did think it was odd but as a person who has had her cc info stolen before, I realized this is probably safer than an encrypted site. I placed my order yesterday, got the call an hour later and this morning my package had arrived.

My boots and wig from Scavenge, Inc. arrived this week also. The boots are just so awesome! They're shiny and truly befitting a stylish superhero. I may wear them for no reason at all.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Five Go Dating…

Charreah of Essence Magazine just sent me details on the hilarious new reality dating show that Essence.com are filming. Five fabulous, funny and criminally single ladies go on thirty dates over the next month with some of New York’s most eligible black men. Click here to see footage of the latest date between Nicole, a producer from the WendyWilliams Show, and real estate banker James. The best part is that viewers get to pick the next date, location and look (Chic & Sexy or Casual & Cool) for each woman – I’ll pick Chic & Sexy every time baby! If you love one of the ladies looks you can even find out wear to buy it. Let the dating begin…

Style Spotlight: Serena Williams

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Not to insinuate that Serena is a dog, but it seemed at one stage that nobody could tell her nothing about her style choices. Now the tennis star/budding fashion diva looks flawless event after event – it was hard for me to even decide which red carpet photo should be the main pic to this post. Whether she’s styling herself (doubtful) or hired a LA style consultant (about time), we’re all thoroughly impressed at the perfect dress and make-up choices being made for Serena’s body type. She’s muscular but definitely has those much admired feminine curves. And her hair is just fab! Venus, Golden Brooks, and Lil Kim take note, Serena has stepped up the makeover game. The rest of us should raise our glasses to Ms. Williams… “Sista,” *sniffles* “We’re so proud!”

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Million Little Pieces…

Latisha and Colin Daring of the Piece’s Boutiques.

Husband and wife duo, Latisha and Colin Daring of Pieces of Brooklyn, were featured on “I Like Her Style!” a while back in a “Boutique Spotlight.” The couple returns to tell us what the fashion do’s and don’ts are for next season. Plus they give us the inside scoop on what new pieces they have in their three boutiques. "We're not some faceless corporate entity. I think that's one of the reasons people continue to shop here. We have a strong passion for what we do and that translates into the way we treat our clients. We are expanding throughout the U.S. in areas that want and need unique fashion. So lookout fashionistas we're living our dream," Latisha says. Visit http://www.piecesofbklyn.com/ for addresses of their boutiques in New York (Brooklyn and Harlem) and Maryland (Sliver Springs) – each store is aptly named after its location ie. Pieces of Brooklyn, Harlem and Silver Spring respectively.

Latisha’s Top Five Favorite Fall Trends:

1. Menswear Inspired Designs in Wools, Tweeds & Plaids
2. Toeless Socks
3. Utilitarian Handbags
4. Stirrup Riding Pants and Leggings
5. High-Waist Skinny Jeans/Colored Denims

Latisha’s Top 5 Favorite Women’s Items in Pieces Boutiques:

1. Delphyne Guiraud Down Knitted Vest, $636
2. Gusus Premadonna High Waisted Jeans, $157
3. Pieces Backless Mockneck Dress, $189
4. Pieces Mandarin Collar Princess Sleeve Top, $98
5. Larok Gold Jettsetter Parka Jacket, $400

Photos from one of Pieces Runway Shoes featuring Rsoci of BET’s 106 & Park (middle).
New Yorkers should check out Pieces of Brooklyn’s Runway show taking place this Thursday…

When: Thursday September 20th, 2007
Time: 7pm – 10pm
Where: Pieces of Brooklyn, 671 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Contact: 718 857 7211

Monday, September 17, 2007

Workwear 101: Casual Chic

Kidada Jones hosts the “Kidada for Disney” couture party on 31 May 2007.
Genevieve Jones in the front row at the Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring 2008 Show at The Tent at Bryant Park on September 5, 2007 in NYC and Heather Headley stars in “New March of Dimes Campaign, I Want My Nine Months Fights Growing Crisis of Premature Birth” at Harlem Hospital on November 2, 2006.

This edition of Workwear 101 is for those women who work in relaxed environments but still want to look stylish. You need to feel comfortable to carry out your day-to-day tasks but don’t want to dress like an old matron. School teachers, writers, etc. are the type of professions that fit this category. Knee-length dresses that allow you to move easily, knit seperates and long pendants should be staples in your closet. Also think about adding high-waisted pants (below) to next season’s wardrobe. They’re still big for Fall and very practical.
Left to right: Pintuck Detail Tunic Dress, $53.39, www.asos.com; Steve Madden Printed Charmeuse Dress, $188, www.shop.nordstrom.com; Knit Dress, $24.80, www.forever21.com; Minnie Rose Hooded Cashmere Dusters, $182, www.shopintuition.com, Long Sleeve Ribbed Top, $15.50, www.wetseal.com, Dori Skirt, $128, www.frenchconnection.com
Left to right: Aventura, $99, www.ninewest.com; Vera Shoes by Pedro Garcia, $284, www.my-wardrobe.com; Feud Boot by Steve Madden, $139.95, www.endless.com; Sterling Ballt Flat by Volatile, $54.95, www.endless.com
1. Opaque tights, $15, www.victoriassecret.com; 2. Knit Sweater, $19.99, www.charlotterusse.com 3. Antoinette Lee Besa Stitch Hobo, $425, www.ravinstyle.com 4. Xhilaration Metallic Silvertone and Goldtone Hammered Discs Pendant Necklace, $9.99, www.target.com 5. Leather Twist Lock Holdal, $90, www.topshop.com 6. Tigereye Teardrop Ring, $40, www.guess.com 7. Infinity Print Tunic Dress by Catherine Malandrino, $425, www.net-a-porter.com 8. Glimmering ankle bootie, $129.95, www.ninashoes.com

Waist Deep

Grey Ant’s Fall 2007 collection featured plenty of high-waisted pants.
Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Kelis are already on to this trend. Not sure what Kelis was thinking though with those Aladdin pants :(

Trend Alert: Forget high-waisted jeans, trousers are the victim of this latest trend. Perfect for the office, the high-waist teamed with a tucked in white wifebeater or crisp shirt make this trend classic and simple. Now if you have no waist this look isn’t best for you. The contrast between the nipped in waist and hips is what makes this look really pop. Never fear, regular waisted pants are still in fashion and I think no one should dare wear high-waisted pants that aren’t flared. Check out Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez for inspiration… Kelis is in a world of her own. Only she could get away with those pants!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Street Style: Erica, Alabama

This edition of Street Style features fellow blogger and friend Erica of “Erica B’s DIY Style”. I love her site because she shows you how to find and sew (or if you’re hopeless at sewing like me, give to a seamstress) the looks that are hot right now! This photo serves as inspiration for the psychedelic trend celebs like Beyonce, Rihanna and Sandy Lomax are wearing. Click here to get the lowdown from the lady herself on how to look as fly as she does!

JustSweet Spring 2008

I wasn’t aware that Jlo had changed the name of her company again. The line Sweetface is now being referred to as JustSweet, unless this is an altogether completely different clothing line but nobody tells me anything. In any case, I really enjoyed this collection. I always try and count how many pieces in a show I would actually wear and I would probably don 80% of what was on offer. Now I didn’t think much of the bowler hats or the spacewalking meets stripper platforms, but I was in love with all the 70s inspired dresses and tailored pants. Whether you’re a girlie-girl at heart or a hardcore diva there was something for everyone. And the best part? All the pieces range from $49 to $99. Who said looking good had to cost a fortune. JustSweet indeed.

Rachel Roy Spring 2008

This socialite-come-designer continues to prove that her passion for fashion is unwavering and her talent genuine. A mature collection, Rachel Roy explores the use of volume and shape as well as the contrast between masculine and feminine. Some of the pieces looked like they’d been delicately spray painted with pastel colors while others were made from bold metallics like the yellow-gold pencil dress and the charcoal-silver shorts suit. This is definitely a collection for sophisticated ladies who spend most of their time other fashion-forward women. You won’t see these kind of outfits on everyday chicas walking down the street. Overall Rachel Roy left me wanting more… can’t wait to see what else is up her designer sleeves.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Runway Africa: Celebrating African Fashion

Be sure to buy your tickets to Runway Africa’s annual event this weekend. Celebrating African Fashion, this event is sure to be the talk of the D.C. come Monday. You can’t buy tickets at the door so get them ASAP. Ticket options include: $85.00 VIP Tickets (includes invitation to the red carpet reception, reserved upfront seats, VIP access to the After Party and invitation Harriet’s Alter Ego Trunk Show - Sunday, September 16 receive 20% off on fall collection and a free gift if you spend $150.00 or more - ticket holders must present RA VIP ticket in order to receive savings, VIP gift bag, and mini magazine). $60.00 Guaranteed Seating Tickets (complimentary access to the after party (not within the VIP area), guest gift bag, and mini magazine). $40.00 General Admission Tickets (includes admission to the event. Standing room only! ). For more info visit Runway Africa

When: Saturday September 15th, 2007
Time: 6pm for VIP ticket holders; 8pm for Fashion Show
Where: The Embassy of France, 4101 Reservoir Road, N.W. Washington D.C. 20007
Contact: info@runwayafrica.com

Bright Lights, Sequin City

Joy Bryant at Glamour Magazine's "Fashion Gives Back" event to benefit Malaria No More at a Private Residence in NYC, September 4, 2007.
Paula Patton at Samsung Gleam Private Dinner and After Party hosted by Pharrell at TAO Las Vegas September 8, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Keri Hilson onstage at the 2007 Video Music Awards at the Palms Casino Resort on August 9, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Kimora Lee Simmons arrives at 4th Annual Fashion Rocks at Radio City Music Hall on September 6, 2007 in New York City.

Sequins are nothing new but they’ve made a resurgence on the Spring 2008 runway shows, including Marc Jacobs, Tracy Reese and Badgley Mischika and now celebrities are wearing them too. Whether it’s tiny sequins like on Kimora Lee Simmons or Paula Patton’s dress or huge ones like singer Keri Hilson, sequins add zing to any outfit. Keep the look from looking Vegas-like by sticking to black, if you must add color take a leaf out of Joy Bryant’s book. The silk flowers are divine.

My Picks!

Left to right: Sequin Shift Dress, $198, www.ardenb.com; Sequin Silk Bubble Dress, $168, www.ardenb.com; Sequin Embellished Dress by Hanii Y, $805, www.net-a-porter.com; Queenie Sequins Dress, $248, www.fcusbuymail.com

Left to right: Sequin Stripe Vest, $53.63, www.asos.com; Sequin Vest, $24.80, www.forever21.com; Sequin Spaghetti Top, $22.80, www.forever21.com; Oversized Sequin Beanie, $21.45, www.forever21.com

I couldn’t find cheaper priced black sequin dresses but you get the look-for-less by adding some sparkle to your outfit by wearing this season’s beret or a cute vest.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Baby Phat Spring 2008

What a breath of fresh air! Kimora and the team at Baby Phat stepped up their game on this one. The colors in the Spring 2008 runway show were playful and fresh. The pastel yellows and pinks teamed with sharp turquoises were fun to watch on the shorts, minis and swimsuits that sashayed down the catwalk. Usually Kimora over does the whole “bling bling” thing giving the impression that she doesn’t know how to refine some of her pieces, but this collection showed growth and a lot of restraint. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind incorporating street chic with high-fashion, but it needs to be done right. I was also a big fan of the menswear collection. Although only ten out of the fifty-six looks were dedicated to men’s clothing, they were on point. Loved the bright preppy sweaters and bermuda shorts. Wasn’t too sure about the evening dresses towards the end but all in all Baby Phat gets an A… minus.

Tracy Reese Spring 2008

This collection came in two parts. First came the structured suits, pinstripe dresses and tailored high-waisted pants – a must have for this season. Next Tracy Reese showed us what a sophisticate might wear during her adventure in the tropics. Seventies inspired long, floaty dresses and bright fitted pieces provided a strong contrast to the first half of the collection. All in all it wasn’t a bad collection, with Tracy you always get quality, however I didn’t see anything that blew me away. My favorite ensemble was the yellow dress and matching umbrella (pictured). How cool would it be to have a matching umbrella for all your best outfits? Don’t let the transition of season ruin your sense of style.

Stephen Burrows Spring 2008

A small but poignant collection that proves further how underrated Stephen Burrows really is. Typical of most of the collections thus far, Mr. Burrows didn’t shy away from the use of bright colors and light airy fabrics. Hot pink, neon yellow and shocking blues were just some of the exuberant colors on display. Though this wasn’t a conventional runway show the clothes still popped against the plain, white backgrounds that models stood against. Some of the graphic-printed dresses looked a little dated. I know that Burrows was probably going for the whole retro feel but look number thirteen (see slideshow) in particular missed the bar. This was a small bump in the road so definitely don’t sleep on Mr. Burrows… he is one of fashions best kept secrets.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Holy Drunken Shit, Batman! I'm drinking with Jim Lee!

Baltimore Day 2 has been (in the immortal words of Barney Stinson) LEGENDARY. Here I am shooting the shit with Jim Lee at the Marriot bar where Frank Cho was only ten feet away. Jim asked what I do for the shop (Comic Fusion) and Stacy explained about my costumes and then told him about Wonder Woman Day and how I'm soliciting art at the con for the auction. Stacy showed him the postcard with the information. He flipped it over and asked if I had a pen and if he should use the back of the postcard. At this point Stacy and I looked at each with the telepathic connection, "Holy Shit! Is Jim Lee about to do a sketch for our charity event?" Stacy was wise enough to recall that I had bagged boards in my tote. I hurriedly dug one out and handed it to Jim. We watched as he sketched Wonder Woman. He didn't like the way the eyes came out so asked me for another board. Then he sketched Batman. He wasn't thrilled with that one either but we were giddy as school girls at a Justin Timberlake concert. We had two drunken Jim Lee inked boards for Wonder Woman Day. LEGENDARY.

Jim walked away to take pictures with a huge throng of fans who claimed to be Disney dancers and asked me and Stacy to help take pictures with their six cameras. Then a few minutes later he brought over a beer to me even though I wasn't drinking anything except ginger ale and orange juice. I was too freaking geeked out to refuse a beer from Jim Lee (thank goodness it was a nice medium amber beer, Sam Adams I'm pretty sure) so I had a few sips of it.

Baltimore so far

I met up with a few people who I befriended in Philly and bombarded many others with my presence for the first time. Howard Chaykin and Arthur Suydam were a freaking riot! I love those guys and they love my boobs. Boy I was only wearing T-shirt yesterday. Can't imagine what today will be like when I wear something else.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Off to Baltimore Con

Leaving for the Baltimore Con and doing the two-day retailers thing Monday and Tuesday there as well. It's a "real clothes" trip though which I'm bummed about. I just love putting on the spandex. Instead I'll be in official geek attire and a couple of low cut shirts hoping to get more donations for the Wonder Woman Day auctions.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Nicole Swasey, owner of Revival, shows off one of her great finds; Shondrella Avery, Nicole Swasey & Tia Mowry at the grand opening.

Man can achieve much in five years but only a woman could collect enough vintage treasures worthy of opening a boutique. Meet Nicole Swasey, a television and film assistant director who recently opened “Revival” in Sherman Oaks, California. “I collected [vintage] clothes for five years and had to rent storage units to keep them all in.” It took a while to find the right location, but after two years Swasey found the perfect place to house her colossal collection which includes classics from Missoni and Gucci. Swasey describes her boutique as a cross between Caribbean chic and a Parisian boudoir – the perfect back drop to showcase one-of-a-kind finds. And exactly what makes a piece worthy of showcasing? Swasey says the best finds are still in great condition (i.e. with lining) and were probably expensive even back in the day. Seventies clothing is also a safe bet. But don’t worry, the clothes at Revival are washed before they hit the shelves. “The boutique doesn’t smell like grandma’s attic!,” Swasey assures. Good to know. So who would love raking through the rails at Revival? “A trendy girl who likes to mix the latest bag or hot jeans with a vintage piece.” Apparently this is where funk and elegance go to collide and nobody should miss out on the action. Visit www.revivalvintagela.com to learn more about the store and Nicole.
Inside Revival where Caribbean and Paris d├ęcor meets.
Revival’s store front.

Revival Vintage
13940 Ventura Boulevard
Sherman Oaks
CA 91423

Store Inquiries:
818 783 8400

Credit: All photos courtesy of Nicole Swasey .