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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Panel Surfing interview

PANELSURFING did a really lovely interview with me all about my costuming history and comics love. Jason Versaggi asked me about my favorite costumes and my worst experiences in them. I got to tell him all about the unsavory incident at this year's NYCC but honestly it wasn't as bad as what some ladies go through. I haven't been actually assaulted other than feeling like an NFL linebacker getting through the aisles.

I discussed the overall process I go through to craft a superhero costume and which parts I hate doing. Plus there are some indications about what just might be on my 2011 To Do List. Some have been my To Do List for a while and keep getting bumped for other last minute projects so this might be the year for Chris Weston's Black Widow or J.H. Williams' Batwoman. You never know what I'll feel like doing!

Be sure to leave comments telling Jason you loved the interview. As a fellow journalist, I can tell you that we really appreciate constructive feedback.

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