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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blog settings updated

I just had to update some settings for this blog because some posters were rather filthy or just plain rude in their comments. I had wanted it to be open so that people could express themselves but there's seriously no place for some of the garbage I had received. I only allow anonymous comments because I know what a pain it is to have to be registered on every single site however I have added word verification for one thing to prevent spam; and I've added a note that if you plan to post anonymously don't expect to be taken seriously. Warren Ellis will not allow users to create screen names on his web blogs because you need to own your words. The power of anonymity on the internet quite frankly gives people the balls they don't really have if they were face to face.

One particular comment regarding my Black Cat suit exclaimed that I somehow designed a black cat suit (lower case letters) only to show off my cleavage. Well, I didn't create the character of Black Cat. Marvel Comics did. She's one of Spider-Man's girlfriends and yes, she's very sexy. Artists have always drawn her with a voluptuous figure and plenty of cleavage exposed. I merely designed the pattern to create a real suit to be worn. To learn more about the character named Black Cat, visit ComicVine or Marvel.com.

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