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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shop Smart. Shop Safe.

I can only imagine the courage it takes to trek across the South Pole or set sail through turbulent waters. I’m just not an outdoor person. For me, ordering clothes online is as adventurous as it gets. Before I click that “complete order” button, a million questions race through my mind. What if the sizing chart isn’t accurate? Do I really want to pay an additional $6 to send an item back? Why do the clothes always look better quality in the photos online? Take the risk out of online shopping by using “coupon” and/or “promotional” codes. This technique has been my life savior more than once. It’s pretty simple. Say for example you’re buying an item from Victoria’s Secret. At some point during the online checkout process V.S. will ask you if you have a promotion/coupon code to enter. This is when you do a search for the keywords “victoria’s secret promotion code”. A list of sites will pop up where shop-a-holics like you and I have shared their various codes online. I recently used a 25% off promotion code in conjunction with a free shipping code that took my order down from $159 to $109.25. Now I no longer worry about clothes fitting, shipping & handling costs or quality. Try Retail Me Not and The Budget Fashionista to get you started!

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