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Sunday, April 24, 2011

HUNTRESS work in progress Day 1

I'm working on a HUNTRESS: YEAR ONE variation costume for a friend. She's a completely different size than I am so I had to create a new pattern tracing over one of mine and adjusting it. We've looked at different fabric and decided to go with the Matte Metallic in Black for the main part of the suit. For the contrast color which is purple, we'd going with a great shade that's really vibrant in Milliskin Matte Tricot.

Luckily I happen to have the trade paperback of Year One so I compared those images to ones I had found on ComicVine. As it turns out there's a lot of subtle variations.No surprise there. Every artist put his own flare into a character. There are times when the purple looks like a "V" shape in the front but other times when it looks like a separate vest. I'm going with the vest look after consulting with my friend about how she didn't like the style where the purple actually looks like a bathing suit over the bodysuit. We've also decided to go with a black crepe for the cape rather than purple so that it can used for other characters; modifying designs this way is one of my essential tricks. Whether a wig, belt, boots or gloves aren't perfectly accurate don't mean as much to me personally as getting use out them because this stuff is not cheap. It's often labor-intensive if I've built the piece myself and/or expensive for the raw materials. Versatility is key!

Using the Kwik Sew 3052 figure skater pattern as a basis, I traced over the initial pattern onto muslin. I took some time to drape spandex over my dress form (again it's my size but I just needed an idea of the vest shape). Then I sketched on the muslin while referencing that panel above until I came up with lines that I hope will work. I highlighted the final lines in fabric marker. Traced that muslin with a different muslin so that I'd have the one original full-length suit pattern and then use the second to cut up into individual pattern pieces for color blocking.

So far, it's about 3 hours into the project. Time for a nap.

I completed the rest of the documentation at AmberUnmasked.com

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