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Friday, April 15, 2011

Cash, Check or Charge?

Cash: Heavy Ruffle One Shoulder Cocktail Dress, $35.86, www.ASOS.com
Check: Light grey one shoulder dress by Red Herring, $83, www.debenhams.com
Charge: Curvaceous satin dress, $270, www.karenmillen.com

Ladies please forgive me. I had a crazy, albeit it, life changing year in 2010. I bought a condo, found a new job and processed a green card. Needless to say it became difficult to blog while all this was going on. But I'm bizzack! I was reading my blog the other day and was so disappointed with myself for letting it go. Even if no one else read it, I'd still enjoying clicking through numerous sites to find the best clothes to bring a vision into fruition. Be patient with me as I'm still pulling together ideas, but now that I have far less responsibilities, I know I'll be back to normal in no time! The above post is self-explanatory to regular readers but if they're any newbies since my last post, check out the new site and category navigation to catch up.

Much love,
Sylvia xx

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