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Monday, April 11, 2011

Best Gender Swapped Justice League from WonderCon

Photo by Lynx Pics

I wish I had seen this in person but sadly I have never been able to attend WonderCon. This costumed entourage is truly one of the only times I have ever seen gender swapping in costuming done well. The characters maintain their integrity and stay within typical comic book design. "Crossplay" just usually comes across as bogus slutted up girl dressed as a male character. This Justice League was definitely high caliber.

Quickie edit: Roxanna clarified for me - "what we're doing is actually neither crossplay (trying to pass as a character of the opposite sex) or even gender bending (playing with gender identity within a character) - we were sex-swapping. So my understanding is then that "crossplay" would essentially be the same as "drag" - meaning if Steven were trying to actually be Power Girl instead of male-inspired variation of the character. Correction duly noted. :)

I know they reworked official identities so that use of "man" and "woman" were switched with "lass" or something to make the gender identity work but I don't have the list so I'm just going to try and explain based on the real characters' names.

Photo from Tallest Silver's facebook
Little Hotshot as GREEN ARROW
Roxanna Meta as AQUA"MAN"
Steven Meissner as POWER "GIRL"
Tallest Silver as BAT "MAN"
Clyde Max as WONDER "WOMAN"
Tat Zee as PLASTIC "MAN"
Mia Ballistic as GREEN LANTERN
Catherine Pow as THE FLASH
Kit Quinn as SUPER "MAN"

To learn more about them visit their facebook page, UNITED UNDERWORLD.

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