just plain sara: What comic character do you like, but think you could never dress as, and why not?

Monday, November 15, 2010

What comic character do you like, but think you could never dress as, and why not?

Costumes like Vampirella. Basically the way artists paint/color is that they just add color over a naked body; many don't know the first thing about how fabric drapes or specifically how clothing is constructed. Vampi's suit would not cup under her boobs unless you saw stitching there for underwire (like a bra or corset does). If I don't think I can make the costume, then I just wouldn't do it. That's why I've never attempted Circe. There tons of costumes that would be just far too expensive for me also. I've seen them done and envy them but I know I try to keep my stuff under $300. When you have to hire sculptors and moldmakers you're talking about adding big expenses. I've started collecting pieces for Zatanna but it will take years. I don't know how to properly make the elements of her outfit so I'll have to buy them and it will just take a long time. I can like a character plenty but that also doesn't mean I'd feel comfortable in her costume. I wore the most revealing costume of my wardrobe this year and it was very uncomfortable. I didn't have the security of just being alone with an artist or a photographer; I was out there at comic con with hundreds of thousands of fans. I like the Ame-Comi action figures but I don't think I'd ever attempt one of those because of their complexity (here's a tip: less fabric/coverage does not mean easier to make).

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