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Friday, November 28, 2008

WiP - Twilight Guardian, Firestar

I was so excited when I got my mail today because a bunch of costume goodies were in all kinds of packages. To start, here's a trial shot of Twilight Guardian with her kitty companion. I didn't have the mask on so I was just balancing it on my face. The vinyl suit is just really loud when I move! I might just switch to my workout pants which are matte with a black shirt; it won't be right but her suit isn't supposed to be so shiny. It's supposed to be a black cat suit that zips up the front with a grey hoodie over it - pretty darn simple. But I'm not sure about this catsuit. I'll ponder it and take some other test photos some time. I also have a wig on order too.

I also got my Firestar boots, gloves and flame cuffs. The gloves are quite bad - very big and baggy so they'll need to be modified. The cuffs for the boots are better than I thought because the inside is shiny whereas the outside is more matte finish; by wearing them inside out and upside down so the flames go up, they'll actually match the boots better. The boots are not comfortable at all. Hopefully I'll be able to walk around in them.

I got a couple of sweet critter companions for certain suits. The black kitty for TG as seen above and this wild african dog that's going to work as a hyena for Harley Quinn. Just ignore the peanut butter in the shot. I snapped this in my kitchen.

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