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Sunday, November 23, 2008

NYCC costumes in progress

With the decision to construct the Firestar (Marvel) costume from scratch, I was debating a lot about what to do for Twilight Guardian. She's a lesser known character whose new book has not even come out yet; it's the winning Top Cow Pilot Season 2008 series so there has been one issue to introduce the character.

For Firestar, I'm making the bodysuit, the mask, and modifying the gloves & boots from store bought pieces plus a wig.

So for Twilight Guardian, I decided that since it's just a very plain costume, I'd easily find all the components. A black pleather catsuit and grey sweatshirt (gave up looking for mine which disappeared months ago) plus kitty of course. I already have the black domino mask (as seen in my Harley Quinn pictures). I spent several hours online comparing prices and quality and decided to go for the more expensive Lip Service brand vinyl stretch catsuit which is setting me back about $100 through ebay; that's actually the best price + a coupon used to save 10%. Then I found a cute girls large grey sweatshirt with an interesting "inside-out" design and won the 99 cent auction + $6.95 shipping. Kudos to me. Hopefully I will manage to squeeze into a girls large. Then I decided to search for the right all black stuffed kitty cat companion and found one for around $7 + shipping, so around $11. I'll complete it with my black ankle boots. I also saw an appropriate wig on cosplay.com's marketplace for $17 but I'm not sure if it's necessary.

For anyone interested, that Lip Service catsuit looks perfect for Marvel's Black Cat. It's the only one I've seen on the market with the appropriate collar - just add fur to the collar, arms (or gloves) and legs.

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