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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NYCC: What should I wear?

I have an informal poll at my Live Journal about what I should construct to wear to NYCC in February. It will be cold. That's a given. But inside, there is a coat check of sorts; it's not really a coat check as it is a huge open space where people pay to have their stuff "watched." Why can't they have lockers or a more closed off room? *sigh*

I've narrowed my choices down to Wonder Woman which I already have completed, Justice League Unlimited "Ace" from the Royal Flush Gang, another JL villain "Star Sapphire," Marvel's "Firestar" or Top Cow's "Twilight Guardian."

You can post your vote here but to see pics, just click over to the LJ link. I'm pretty sure I'll get one Twilight Guardian vote here ;)

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