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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kick-Ass: the suit

The good folks at Newsarama have procured images from the set of the Kick-Ass movie based on the hot selling comic book by Mark Millar. It's an entertaining read for sure, though in true comic's fashion has unrealistic events spurned from what could easily be your real life.

What is realistic about it is the basic premise -- a nerd gets fed up with life and decides to be a superhero so he dons a scuba suit and beings patrolling his neighborhood; rather then finding success, he gets his ass handed to him repeatedly while trying to help out a stranger. He ends up in the hospital with a truly long recovery period and vows never to go crimefighting again. But then... a witness to the brutal event had been recording the fight and posted it to YouTube for the world to see. This act of heroism inspires other people to become vigilantes including a petite nine-year-old girl who easily hacks drug dealers to tiny bits with a katana and help from her huge dad.

I suspect that the 2009 comics convention season is bound to have one or two brave souls donning the neoprene style of the teen vigilante, Kick-Ass.

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