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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Effing EBAY! @#&^%^%$@@^#!

For some reason, the all mighty Powers That Ebay decided my account was associated with some other ID which has been shut down; therefore, my account was suspended. Luckily, it appears that my order for theatrical white makeup has already gone through and shipped. Why? Because I pay as soon as I "buy it now" or win a bid. I think I'm a damn good customer and a decent seller. I have sold things at a loss because I donate portions of sales to charities which is a service through ebay that has a $5 minimum. I'd say that's pretty damn nice of me.

If anyone has ever had some sort of issue which they believed was with me, please let me know! I have one ebay ID (scotchbroom) and one email account associated with it (njcabot at yahoo dot com). If you believed you were dealing with me and screwed, contact me and ebay.

I realize the ebay interface for contacting them is not the most user-friendly but please do what you can if this involved you.

I will be continuing to grow my shop through Etsy since they have opened up to vintage items as well as home made. I don't know if things like beanie babies are considered vintage though. I'm always open to conducting private sales through Pay Pal and avoiding all the fees anyway.

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