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Friday, September 26, 2008

Super Hero Steampunk

I'm working on steaming up several comic book characters. Technically I guess I'm trying to Ren them down but you know what I mean. You'll have to please pardon the rather quick/sloppy photo. The corset is not quite positioned on me where it should be but the misalignment is probably also due to my poor posture (my shoulders are very uneven). I use zippers on my corsets for now because grommets and I do NOT get along. I figure for steampunk, zippers work fine.

I tried to make it reversible with having Rogue's green in place of the black on the other side but my lack of reversible zippers of the right length made it difficult; then I nicked a tiny hole on the Rogue side so for now, it's just fancy lining. I'll make a separate Rogue one later on.

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