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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Father's Day Geeky Presents

As an etsy shop owner, I also find it a wonderful place for the most amazing and creative gifts. There's a whole category called "Geekery" so that should tell you how serious these craftsmen are about bringing their childhood nostaglia and pop culture into the craft marketplace.

Besides all the glorious steampunk, there's plenty of cult classic items inspired by Joss Whedon's Serenity, Star Wars and every video game you can imagine.

Father's Day and graduations are rapidly approaching! Get your shopping done on etsy and you'll be sure to find one of a kind items that aren't just machine made in sweatshops. Many items are upcycled or recycled or even vintage. The image above of the d20 cufflinks comes from Gr0glmann who is an etsy member with two shops. These beauties are listed at Cufflinks.etsy.com. I also adore the collection of cufflinks and accessories made from Lego parts, like the Clone Storm Troopers and Yoda sets. Don't forget you can also accessorize for your Free RPG Day ensemble -- coming up on June 20th -- for your afternoon of gaming at your local comic/gaming shop. When you're ready for a nap, you can pick up a variety of Pac-Man pillows from Modernality.etsy.com.

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