just plain sara: Valerie Jarrett, Desirée Rogers and Susan Rice Strike a Pose

Friday, May 29, 2009

Valerie Jarrett, Desirée Rogers and Susan Rice Strike a Pose

As well as the article below, I also discovered this article in the current issue of Washington, D.C.'s Capitol File magazine. Valerie Jarrett is President Obama's senior advisor (I'm sure you saw photos of her all over the country during the campaign) and Desirée Rogers is of course the White House's Social Secretary. Click here for full interview and more pics.

Below is Susan Rice. The current, and third youngest ever, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Rice is featured in the June 2009 issue of Vogue. You can click here for the full interview and more pics, but below is just a snippet. I don't know about you but I love reading about all these successful women, including Michelle Obama!

At 44, Rice is, in fact, the second-youngest U.S. ambassador to the United Nations since its inception in 1945. (Donald McHenry, appointed in 1979 by Jimmy Carter, was a hair younger.) But Rice is used to being the youngest person at the table. As someone who went to high school with her puts it, "She was always highly respected by adults and seen as a future force to be reckoned with." A Rhodes scholar who earned a doctorate in international relations at Oxford University, Rice joined President Clinton's National Security Council staff in 1993, at the tender age of 28. Within a few years she catapulted over several more senior staffers to become, at 32, the youngest-ever assistant secretary of State. Her accelerated résumé notwithstanding, she seems to be at the beginning of the public phase of what may very well turn out to be one of the more substantial careers in politics.

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