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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rage Kitty Dexx Starr!

This is by far the most fun I've had completing a commission. It wasn't easy but the result is just so funny that I can't help laughing about it.


Took left over spandex and began draping it over kitty and marking it for cut lines.

Cleaned up the design of the pattern pieces a bit. Laid out on red PVC and black 4-way stretch spandex.

Began the assembly with constant testing of the fitting.

Compared it to the original artwork. The only thing left off are the waist hash marks. The rest seems pretty good.

Last step was create the embroidered patch of the Red Lantern Corps and use some vinyl glue to affix it to the back (per customer's request since it's easier to see than Dexx's belly).

And we have the 99% finished Dexx Starr! He needs to be colored blue which might possibly be done with blue hairspray.

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