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Monday, June 15, 2009

Day-Glo Harley Suit For Sale

I'm doing more cleaning of my superhero closet. I've just listed my original Day-Glo Harley Quinn suit on Etsy. Considering that finished black & red Harley suits sell on average of $250, I'm offering this at half because of its unusual colors. So for $125 it can be yours. Never worn other than for listing photos.

This suit was made merely as a practice piece for my construction of another suit. The day-glow colors are really fun and bright.

Included in this sale are the bodysuit, headpiece with collar attached, gloves, and booties. The suit has a zipper in the back as does the headpiece.

The stitching in some areas like the joints of the gloves, is a little visible and the ankles are not hemmed; I find them easier/stretchier to get in and out of if they are not finished.

My only reason for selling at this point is financial, otherwise I really like it and want to keep it. If you have any questions please send them to me and I can always send you additional pictures for clarity.

The size is a woman's Medium, basically fitting between 8-12, short/petite fit.

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