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Monday, May 11, 2009

New Costuming Forums are launched

There's a new message board dedicated to assembling costumes found at The Superhero Costume Forum (SCF). This may be seen as somewhat of a spin-off from the successful League of Heroes boards since most of us are registered there also but, the owners & mods are removing some of the LoH restrictions allowing for more mature (while still safe) content.

I'm the mod of the Superheroines Only section - so please come over and join in!

The board just launched and needs some tweaking; all suggestions can be posted in the thread for suggestions and Allen or Brian will be quick to respond.

While we do focus on comic book characters, the principles for assembling any costume are the same. If you're making a HALO suit of armor, it's the same process as for Iron Man.

The SCF also has a YouTube channel solely for managing our "favorite" costuming videos. They can be diy vids or photoshoots highlighting costumes. To get your videos added, you would just need to post the link in the forum thread.

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