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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Desirée Rogers Covers Wall Street Journal Magazine

Desirée Rogers, the White House Social Secretary, covers the latest issue of Wall Street Journal Magazine. For those who don't know, she organizes all the social events at the White House - what an amazing job! She's an old time friend of the Obamas and has had some pretty high profile jobs prior to this one including Chief Marketing Officer for Peoples Energy (now Integrys Energy Group); President of both Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas; and she serves on several Boards. Click here to read the full interview and see photos from her first 100 days at the White House.

Desirée Glapion Rogers is the descendant of a Creole voodoo priestess named Marie Laveau Glapion. The first time I meet her, she welcomes me into her East Wing lair—a rhythm and blues tune plays on a white iPod, a potted white orchid perches between two windows, fresh flowers sit on a heavy wooden desk. This is a woman who never sees a wilted bloom. The 49-year-old turns on just enough Southern charm to camouflage an aura of self-assuredness typically reserved for runway models or first ladies. Wearing a crisp white shirt, black patent flats and high-waisted navy slacks that would look terrible on almost anyone else, Rogers talks about her job as White House social secretary.

If there’s one thing Desirée Rogers and Desirée Rogers’ staff want you to know—and will keep reminding you until you get it—it’s that the president and Michelle Obama plan to open up the White House and once again make it the “people’s house.” They want to create an environment where average Americans might stop by and catch the first lady serving homemade huckleberry cobbler and caramel ice cream to students, tending to the vegetable garden on the South Lawn or watching the romantic comedy “He’s Just Not That Into You” with her girlfriends. The president is, of course, meeting with foreign dignitaries. In one of the most visible roles in the Obama administration, Rogers is out to solidify the first family as one of the most memorable in presidential history, and the Ivy League–educated first lady, in particular, as the most popular mom-in-chief. [Read more]
Above: Rogers works down the hall from Michelle Obama, her friend of nearly 20 years, in the East Wing.

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