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Friday, January 23, 2009

Umbrella Academy - Tshirt surgery

I needed to make a new Umbrella Academy top for my Rumor costume. I took a UA tee and cut off the sleeves and added a zipper. My first attempt left me very frustrated with the zipper - to point where I got out the fabric glue and tried to get the darn thing to stay put that way (shown on the left). Tip: You can't sew through glue or your needle sticks and gets ripped out of the machine causing devastation. That was a few months ago so I just got a new tee and started again. I decided on a smaller size. I ripped out the seams of the sleeves rather than just cutting off the sleeves (I'm going to use them on another tee surgery). And I choose a separating zipper. This zipper has a benefit of making the shirt easier to get on but the invisible zipper didn't cut through the logo as much. (shown on the right) Using 1/8" doublestick tape from the fabric store, this zipper was more cooperative.

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