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Friday, January 23, 2009

Smallville costume designs

I'm not a hardcore Smallville fan but this season has actually been better than previously (however, they seem to be bringing Lana back when the show excelled while she was gone). Nonetheless, the Lois & Clark love story was about to begin when it came crashing to a halt.

Moving on the fashion, a few members of the Legion of Superheroes from the 31st century had their debut in Smallville during the 21st century. From the comics and cartoons, they normally wore "typical" superhero garb with the spandex look and some with capes. The Smallville redesign modernized them into motorcycle leathers, much like they did with Green Arrow and what we saw with the X-Men movies. There was enough of the symbols and colors to make the characters easily identifiable. Saturn Girl wore red with a white t-shirt that had a Saturn image on it; Cosmic Boy was upgraded from pinkish-purple to black but his signature circle embellishments highlighted the jacket nicely; Lightning Lad resembled his cartoon style most closely with dark blue and accented with yellow bolts.

Images from the dj_capslock community of LiveJournal.

News this week from TVGuide.com says that the next guest star will be Zatanna the magician. Zatanna wears a tuxedo style leotard with fishnet stockings and a top hat. We, the fans can only hope that Z does not show up in motorcycle leathers or worse, a dominatrix outfit.

Image from Lazygirls.info
Image from ComicVine.com

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