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Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Steampunk Fashion in Comics/TV

The Previews of Warren Ellis' new series has hit his website, warrenellis.com and his hundred other blogs. Ignition City is set in sci-fi 1956 where personal space travel is becoming illegal all over the world (can you imagine?). Grounded space pilot Mary Raven has to journey to Earth's Ignition City to recover her dead father's effects; she discovers a settlement of outlaws and learns more details about her father's death at the wrong end of a ray gun! Can she find Rock Raven's killer before she's thrown into the recycling chipper?

Mary's look appears simple and classic in her pilot gear. She has her necessary personal protection gun (looks more like a 6-shooter than a blaster) and leather cap with goggles for flying; classic motorcycle riding black knee high boots as well; her flowing red hair makes her all the more fabulous (Warren seems to have a thing for redheads). The cover art is inspiring and makes me want to dress up right now!

Also from the Previews Catalog, Captain Jack's manipulator/sonic screwdriver thingiemajig will be available soon.

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