just plain sara: Is VOGUE introducing curvy models? Sort of.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is VOGUE introducing curvy models? Sort of.

Thanks to the scoop of Natali (@uberdorkgirlie) there's some proof that a select few in the fashion industry recognize not all women are willing to starve themselves for the sake of clothing. Personally, I'm still irked that anyone over 110 pounds is "plus size" and like the author of the article, I wish it didn't require a special issue but rather integrated models of all shapes.

Kristina Uriegas-Reyes wrote this somewhat inspiring piece for bust.com about the Vogue Italia cover featuring three zaftig models looking as elegant and sexy as any stick-thin counterpart. I completely agree with her sentiments here:

"This cover is big, yet conflicting news for me. I’m not sure if it makes me really happy or just want to roll my eyes. It’s a great step by the fashion industry, but the fact that it’s such a big deal is kind of annoying. Someday I’d like to see an integration of plus-size models among normal ones to showcase all body types rather than having a special “Plus-Size Model” issue."

The link to the article is NSFW but there you find the most glorious black and white photos of bigger size fashion models.

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