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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Alternate Harley Quinn Gallery - just for con season

I've been squirrelling away con photos from the internet of alternate versions of Harley Quinn just because I'm fascinated by the fact that she's become so popular. In Batman Animated, she most typically wore what's considered her "traditional" full jester costume with a few rare moments as Dr. Quinnzell, Arkham inmate and bedroom moll.

Had I thought that I'd ever want to use these photos for a blog post, I would have paid better attention to where I found them. I detest when photos are not credited so it bothers me that I don't have all the credits here. If you know who they are or who took the pic, please comment and I'll make the necessary edits.

Without further adieu...

photo by Leonard Jinto

photo by Leonard Jinto

Jessica Nova
photo by Leonard Jinto

Animosity Cosplay

seen at London MCM by Comic Addicts

Riddle by Bryan Humphrey

And I guess to round it out, I'll show my "alt Harley" which was just what I had come up with to practice before making my final traditional suit. This suit is for sale and would make a great jester addition to anyone's Mardi Gras krewe. ($100)

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