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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Steampunk Fashion Show

photo by Janine Mary

My main purpose of attending the Steampunk World's Fair was to model for the incredibly amazing designer, KRISTIN COSTA in the fashion show. My partner in crime, Smashley was coaxed into modeling with me. There was one other woman that was roped into the experience by a friend. Suffice to say, most of the models were experienced whereas some of us were not and we managed to get up onto the catwalk, do our thing and not fall on our asses. Other models chatted away about Fashion Week and the last time they “did runway.” Um, yeah.. unless you count the fashion show I organized in high school and modeled in, I haven’t done runway work, ever. Babs from Event-ography has a magnificent gallery on flickr. One of my favorite photographers to run into at cons is Knightmare6 who uploaded the fashion show pics into a separate gallery from his other SPWF pics. Jessica Lilley's gallery is also up on flickr.

photo by Babs
My recap of the show is at my site but as you know, not all of my site is SFW but that article is.

I met some really nice models in the fashion show, especially Kat (not sure if it's Cat or Kat to be honest) who was guy secure enough to wear women's pantyhose and help me with my outfit.

Aside from the other problems this con had (and apparently there were a great deal behind the scenes), about four or five of the designers bailed on the fashion show! That's not only a disappointment to the attendees coming to watch the show but it put a considerable burden on the organizers. I understand the global attitude of the fashion designers was that this "was just a con" and not Fashion Week but unless there's an emergency, your lack of professionalism is not warranted. It may have been due to losing their vending space (see the linked article at my site) but they could have managed participating in the fashion show itself. It's the denouement of the weekend and for some attendees, it's the whole point in going.

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