just plain sara: A rather Supercentric Day

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A rather Supercentric Day

I put in a couple hours helping spread the word about the Toonseum's Superhero Day (vote for it on refresheverything.com/superhero so we can win some grant money, please!); then off to the Phantom of the Attic to pick up my comics which was quite an adventure considering that half of the city streets were closed for the parade; and then sewed for a couple of hours to help a friend who designed a costume for an all-recycling fashion show.

I can't show his complete design but I think it's ok if I spoil just my part of it. It's for a bellydance inspired outfit. I created a cape and waist sash out of old Superman bed sheets. The little jangles at the bottom are notebook binder rings.

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