just plain sara: Happy Kwanzhanayulemas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Kwanzhanayulemas!

So I've been tinkering with redesigning the ol' blog here at Hero Fashions. It's so much fun coding xml when you don't know xml --- /sarcasm>. Supposedly the new blogger post editor allows for better functionality when posting pictures too. I'll give that whirl here just to see if they're full of crap.

Here's a picture of me last year playing with Cthulu Santa at Comic Fusion where I used to work, because he's just way more fun that the other Santa. Comic Fusion is in Flemington, NJ which has lots of shopping opportunities. There are the outlets over at Liberty Village but I encourage you to hit Main Street. Of course, your first stop should be the comic shop. Then get yer grub on at Shaker Cafe. If you're feeling a bit more "pretty" and you're plenty hungry, have lunch or afternoon tea at Teaberry's.

That picture of me with ol' St. Nick is from 2007 in Clinton, NJ. The Main Street in Clinton is charming and full of great little independent shops. Unlike New Hope, they haven't let Starbucks in yet. The shops suffered a devastating flood this year and some of the owners are still recovering from that. If you can't do your last minute Christmas Eve shopping there, at least considering stopping by to spend your Christmas money after the holidays. Don't miss the Clinton 5 & 10 which is also where I used to work.

This year, I'm in Pittsburgh carefully treading on the icy sidewalks and roads. I'm doing the necessary cleaning and cooking for the family visiting tomorrow. Caico and I will be heading to the 'burbs to visit my awesome brother Bill and his fun wife Celeste with their insane wiener dogs. The folks are driving in from Jersey today.

Comics, Cleaning & Cooking on Christmas Eve.

Happy Holidays!
From Amber Love & Caico

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