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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art Class

I can't believe it's been so many weeks since I've blogged! That's mainly because I have not done anything too productive other than reviewing comics. My sewing room is still just a heaping landfill of boxes that have not been unpacked. Every weekend I tell myself that's when I'm going to unpack and I procrastinate. Well, now I really must get my butt in gear as I really that comic con season is right around the corner and there are other particularly nifty events to dress up for such as Dr. Sketchy's.

I had heard of Dr. Sketchy's quite a long time ago following one of my personal favorite costumers, Ruby Rocket. Then friends of mine from the League of Heroes and Superhero Costuming Forum started getting in on the act too. I never thought I'd get the chance to experience it because I had no idea just how many locations there are for the Anti-Art events.

Even if you're not an artist, grab a pad and some markers and find the closest event. I spent half my night doodling and the rest just watching the fun. I witnessed a sexy hobo make a balloon monkey masturbating on a motorcycle! How many times can you say you've seen that in your life? It was Dave Wachter's gruesome rendition of the monkey that won him the prize which was becoming the monkey's proud owner. It's quite frightening how happy he was to win that vile piece of balloon sculpture. (To see the monkey, visit my Facebook unless you were one of the few that I shocked on twitter last night.)

And of course, even my spare batteries were dead so I didn't get any video but I did get a few pictures. I also had fun catching up with ToonBrian whom I first met at the Steel City Con just a few weeks ago. The DJ was wild and managed to pick the most (in-) appropriate music for the theme which was "Hobo-Erotic."

The local ToonSeum provided the cereal cels artwork on the walls. Nostalgic trademarks like Tony the Tiger and other adorable innocent creatures looked on as we regaled the vulgarity.

Another special part of my night was getting to see Jim & Mel who own the incredible Gypsy Cafe which hosted last night's festivities. The food was amazing as always and they picked great drink specials. Unfortunately, I was driving so I didn't get any of the half price Magic Hat which is among my all time favorite beers. But one of the sponsors of the night was Boyd & Blair vodka company so I did partake in one shot early on because, hey - it's vodka and I'm still half Polish! And Mel graciously accepted a gift from the German side of my family which was a ceramic peacock made by my aunt for my grandmother. As the matriach now, my mum insisted that the peacock belong to Mel. If mum lived out here I have feeling we'd be at the Gypsy even more often.

Personally exciting for me is that after meeting Joe, aka Dr. Sketchy, some of my costumes may be featured in a 2010 superhero themed event! *fingers crossed*

Have I mentioned how much I hate the way blogger posts pictures?

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