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Sunday, April 26, 2009

NY Fairytale Pictures

Coincidentally there were two fairytale photoshoots going on yesterday in NYC, one in Manhattan's Central Park and one in Brooklyn's Botanic Gardens. I was at the Brooklyn gathering dressed as Alice in Wonderland. Our group was a steampunk version of the fairytale characters.

My costume was actually made by my mother when I was in college, before I took up sewing. It's been lovingly worn by several ladies of my family too. It's slightly tattered seams worked just fine for steampunk. I also felt that if Alice was a real little girl (she's based on a real little girl the author knew) she would have raided her grandmother's jewelry drawer the way I always did. I punked up my look with black tights and shoes, kept my purple hair, added heavy goth makeup and black vintage gloves ($8 find a the thrift store).

Logistical details -- the organizer of our group had gotten permission for us to be there yet we were harassed by security the entire time. Every time we moved on to a new spot, they'd approach us again. What's the point of getting permission? Apparently some of the group tried organizing a shoot at the Cloisters and were met with much distain and harassment as well. I guess the costumes just scare the hell out of some people. The passers by, however, loved us. We were approached by many people asking if we were performing and lots who had never heard of Steampunk before; I don't blame them because I didn't know there was word for it until last year. It's security and it's NY - at least they're trying to d their jobs. After 2 hrs drive, no food, sore feet and the hottest day yet, I was not in the mood for security crap. Then it took us 30 minutes to go one block trying to get home. Grrr.

Brooklyn Group's Gallery:

Sleeping Beauty, Alice, Lion Tamer from Dumbo
Miss Muffett, Red Riding Hood, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts

Rapunzel and her Prince were so entertaining all day. She was totally Xena-like and had really super short spiky hair so the long detached braid was just hysterical.

Red with her hood up.

Hatter and Alice checking on Sleeping Beauty.

The Central Park group's gallery:

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