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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Best Watchmen Cosplay

Though I love the character, I have to admit that I'm as sick of seeing costumed Rorshach's running around as I am of TDK Jokers. That being said, I have seen plenty of pictures of movie version Silk Spectres and only one that was really good and looked like it fit the young woman. However, there has been a really amazing amount of well-done Sally Jupiter cosplays which to me seems like the harder persona to create because of the 1940s hairstyle and makeup. And a couple have pulled off Dr. Manhattan in a suit but they can't hold a candle to Robin (aka ISUSuperman) who flawlessly stripped down and painted himself up better than the CGI version (and yes, that's all real and not a muscle suit):

Robin's Myspace & Blog

For other masterpieces check out Kelldar's and Ruby Rocket's versions of Silk Spectres.

DaddyKnightOwl definitely meets the gold standard when it comes to Nite Owl.

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