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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Barbie Turns 50

Another psycho government official feels that Barbie is such a bad influence on girls that sales of Barbie dolls should be outlawed in West Virginia. How 'bout parenting your children, Asshole? How about not buying the product if you don't like it?

I can't even explain my rage about this argument which comes up way to often. Barbie is a fine toy and if she were real, she's an inspiration for girls of all ages. She has had every profession; she's been "all American" in her RV and donned every military uniform. She has a flashy Corvette and mansion but is down to Earth with her little sister and friends.

So, Mr. Jeff Eldrige (D), you can bite me.

Just like the idiots who felt that Mattel's Black Canary version (see below) of Barbie was "whore Barbie" when in reality she was wearing the Canary's traditional superhero crimefighting attire from DC Comics. The shallow, close-minded people need to be stopped. They need to parent their children. They need to teach girls that at a certain age, you can wear high heels and be sexy if you want to but you can also wear jeans and sneakers without worrying if you fit in. What is it with this lazy parenting where everything you disagree with or dislike needs to be legislated?

Barbie is turning 50 on March 9th. CELEBRATE HER!

< Black Canary Barbie
< by Alex Ross, famed comics artist
Would you think she's feable and frail and a bad influence on girls? I sure wouldn't.

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