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Thursday, February 19, 2009

2009 Costume Focus

As one of my fellow Heroes pointed out on the League of Heroes, sometimes our wish lists get so out of control we lose focus on what costumes we really need to make for the year. In reality, I don't "need" to make any but I'm addicted and trying to maintain a balance with the growth of my super wardrobe and my checkbook.

That being said, I'm still hoping to find the necessary patterns or items for modification in order to get a suitable Golden Age Miss Masque. My convention schedule is pretty light this year as I'm more inclined to be at local events. Since Dragon*Con is the only reason I'd need the Miss Masque for the Golden Age gathering, it all hinges on whether or not I can get all the funds together for it.

Keeping up with the steampunk community is another reason that my wardrobe is expanding. While I'm taking it VERY slowly, every little addition helps but requires mods of some sort, even if just a repainting or adding clockwork gears. Since I've gotten a love for the steamy side of things and the constant love of comics, I'm going to try and craft a steampunk Green Lantern for myself and then a traditional but original GL for my dearest. I'm going to need a lot of help on those! People have convincedme that the portable "ring charger battery" device should be a back-mounted pack rather than a dainty arm band device. I have no construction skills so we'll see what I come up with after I get some cash to visit the local hobby shop.

Finally, I'm one step into the process for bringing Athena Voltaire to life. That's right, Steve, I said it! Everyone was trying to convince that making the jacket would be "so easy" and well, I just don't think so. I found something suitable but not nearly perfect on ebay. It's a start. An adventurer/aviatrix is waiting to be born.

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