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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Most Epic Costumes for 2010 - it's a Lantern Corps shutout!

For a few years I've been a proud member of THE SUPERHERO COSTUMING FORUM (the SCF for short). While I'm not there daily like I used to be, it's still my "home" for my costuming needs, advice, tips and comraderie. *There's an application process because we choose to maintain a level of adult maturity that may not be welcome by youngsters just googling for superhero costumes.

The members of the board got to nominate their favorite Female and Male costume creations for 2010. Winners Margie Cox (Star Sapphire Carol Ferris) and Aaron Rivin (Kilowog of the Green Lantern Corps) deserve a huge round of virtual applause for what they managed to accomplish.

It should be no surprise that with DC Comics' crossover event Blackest Night followed by Brightest Day, that the various Lantern Corps were on everyone's minds. In 2010 the costumers managed to pull off some of the most challenging costumes including Larfleeze, Avarice Lex Luthor, Brother Warth and even little props like Dex-Starr, Xax of Xaos, and Ch'p. It would take days to showcase all of the wonderful Lantern Corps costumes seen in 2010. You can get a really great idea from the sister site, THE LEAGUE OF LANTERNS. Plenty of prop makers were busy sculpting masks, corps rings and power batteries long before DC Direct ever got them to market. These are fierce costumers. Some get hyped by the competition of being first; others of being the best. When I can't answer a question, these are the people I send you to.

Margie crafted her Star Sapphire costume on her own. It's hard not to be envious of her. She's a lovely person who is always extremely gracious and generous with her time. She does a ton of charity work to raise money for Base Camp. And to top it off, she has mad skills. Her Star Sapphire costume was made WITH SCRAPS from one of her older projects. Yeah. You want to hate her but you just can't help but be in love with her. If you recall, I was first going to tackle this version of Carol Ferris but after seeing Margie whip this out in a weekend, I went with the more modest Silver Age version.

Aaron's Kilowog costume was a full-blown collaboration. The muscle suit, mask, uniform, and ring were all made by people connected to the SCF. He credits the costume to the following:

  • Mask by Matt Geuther (maskmasters.com)
  • Muscle suit and Hands by Brandon Lane (FlexDesigns)
  • Green Lantern Bodysuit by Brian Parsley (GreenarrowFL)
  • Green Lantern Ring by Shane Browning (Shane9mm)

CONGRATULATIONS TO MARGIE AND AARON! As always, an unlimited amount of thanks go out to DJ Spider and LoganAllenWolf, our illustrious admins at the SCF. You can also find us on Facebook.
Shameless plug: I designed Dex-Starr's costume for the 2010 Comic-Con International. This Dex-Starr seen with DC's Dan DiDio was co-created with Jill Pantozzi who accompanied Dex as her own Rage Lantern.

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