just plain sara: PC attack - in case you didn't know

Monday, May 3, 2010

PC attack - in case you didn't know

If you aren't following my twitter, then you might not realize just how far up Shit's Creek I am with my computer. I can't get my video files to work now. I haven't even tried my scanner yet. This means reviews and content are probably going to be a month behind schedule. If you're a paid customer and you have issues with lack of updates or login failures, please email me at amberlovescomics at gmail. 

You can read my pathetic details here: http://amberunmasked.com/?p=1156

On a happy note, I was at Phantom of the Attic for Free Comic Book Day and got loaded up with my monthly stack plus a few of the freebies. I have tons of reading to get to now that I can't get anything on my computer to work.

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