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Friday, February 12, 2010

Star Sapphire work in progress

I'm almost finished with classic Star Sapphire. The suit is done. I just got the boots and opted for pink ones instead of purple. I had found purple gloves in a thrift store but I have to find them. The mask is leather and was purchased from a maker on etsy. The last thing I'm actually doing is the headpiece/tiara which is already giving me problems. Argh.

Even though the fabric I ordered a year ago is far from the color it looked like online, I decided to use it anyway even if I just consider it a "draft" of a future version. It's obnoxious neon bubblegum blind you pink.

If you aren't familiar with this version because the Blackest Night one is vastly different, check out some of the fun vintage images at ComicVine.

This design is a modification from the Kwik Sew figure skating pattern #3052. That's one of my "go to" patterns for starting off. I've used it for Jen's Mockingbird and for a Kitty Pryde style X-Men suit. I like those patterns because their very basic and easy to understand.

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