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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cosplay Deviants coming soon

Looks like my first set for CosplayDeviants will launch next week: http://cosplaydeviants.com/index.php

I'm happy to announce that my first Wonder Woman photoshoot for CosplayDeviants.com will launch next week (usually on Tuesdays are the release of new sets). If you have been following my facebooktwitter and HeroFashions blog then you know what all this is about.

On my blogs, I released a note explaining why I'm doing this:

My personal reason for wanting to do it at this point in my life is because I feel as if I lost a considerable amount of my vibrant youth when I could have been modeling to years in a bad marriage (the first one not the second one) and then wasted years being so obese. I'm not fit for professional modeling but since I feel good doing it, I'm going to. The fact that I have fans and friends who enjoy my product is pure joy to me too.

As far as portraying existing comic book characters that readers feel are too dignified to be naked, I understand and respect the concern. I also have the same concerns. When possible, I will ask a creator if it's ok for me to portray their character in a respectful fashion. Hopefully they'll say yes but if not, there are plenty of others to choose from. Particularly with Wonder Woman - she is a goddess, strong and commanding but her creator clearly had fetish in mind when he developed her style, powers and weaknesses. Since William Marston's son Pete has become a friend of mine and given me his blessing to pursue an erotic look at Wonder Woman, then I feel I'm justified in doing so. I draw the line with all the bondage requests - it's not my thing but you can expect to see me tie up a villain or two with my magic lasso.

I've also done a steampunk Alice in Wonderland and Fantastic Four photoshoots but I don't have the release dates yet for them. If you're a creator, convention organizer or shop owner and looking for a costumer to promote your work, just ask and we'll talk. If I don't get to go far from home, I have a large network of friends that frequently appear at cons or charity events.

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