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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Above & Below: Models wearing the Bernos range of t-shirts available at www.bernos.org.
Now that summer is in full swing I never seem to have enough tees. If you're anything like me, even your t-shirts have to make a fashion statement. Enter Bernos. Bernos is an innovative clothing company that creates high-quality, eye-catching t-shirts featuring African themes. The word "Bernos" is taken from an Amharic word referring to a one-piece cloak. The heavy wool “bernoose” was standard dress for Arabs who immigrated to North Africa and many in Northwest Africa wear variations of the original design today.

I believe the Bernos founders all hail from Ethopia, hence the African-influenced designs. On average, t-shirts cost just $20. Visit www.bernos.org to browse their full range of t-shirts for women and men.

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