just plain sara: Bags: "The Magician" and "Blue Spider"

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bags: "The Magician" and "Blue Spider"

I'm not happy with the way this Blue Spider bag came out so it's another one for the "Display" pile. I added a flap to it which came out nice. I'm quite surprised that's not the part I messed up.

The Magician (aka Zatanna inspired) one came out nice. The disappearing ink is still visible but I wanted to crack off a couple of photos before I head for the kitchen.

I also added some beautiful colorful ribbons to The Ivy bag and it looks even better. I have another Harlequinn done as well so at least that's three of those although one is claimed already.

I'm dealing with bunch of technical issues with the computer this week. We just had a power surge. My allergies are bugging me and it's 94 degrees. Basically I'm so cranky right now that I am not posting a lot of details.

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