just plain sara: messing around with a new Wonder Woman design

Thursday, September 22, 2011

messing around with a new Wonder Woman design

Since WordPress constantly pisses me off with its slow performance in the admin panel and its repeated "500 Internal Server Error" bull, I'm slapping up a few of images of my new bodice here. I'm not going to take the time for a full blown set of instructions on this one right now.

I said I'd never make this version, commonly known as the Jim Lee WW or WW600 or New U WW unless someone else contributed to the cost. Well I was bored one day and in the end, it only cost me $6 in a zipper and bias tape because everything else you see in the bodice was leftover from other projects.

UPDATED: http://www.amberunmasked.com/costume-dcnu-52-wonder-woman-variation/

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