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Monday, January 17, 2011

Comics in the pipeline

[insert jokes about laying pipe here... aaaaand now continue]

1. First up is TORI BRIN, TEEN DETECTIVE - my comic short story about a quirky freshmen named Tori Brin that sets out to solve the mystery of who stole the answers to the English Literature exam. Hey, it's not rocket science but it's a fun young reader story to be included in the Creative Compassions project which raises money for the homeless. Art by JAY FIFE and ANDREW HARMON (both: Mary Monster). This project is taking quite a bit of time since everyone involved is squeezing in their work around their "real" jobs and actual lives. It will happen. We just don't know when.

2. Next up is HOLYOAK - Vivian Holyoak is a witch in her 20s that has lost her job and is about to lose her family's home if she doesn't figure out how to set things straight. With the help of her familiars and a ghostly grandmother, Vee does whatever it takes to preserve the Holyoak legacy. This is my comic short from the Comics Experience Intro to Comic Book Writing class under the tutelage of Andy Schmidt (IDW editor). Art by LANE MONTOYA. Expected release is April, 2011. (right: character roughs)

3. Finally, it's SLIM & POSH - my science fiction comic short about an overworked yet brilliant research scientist, Dr. Paul David who has to experiment on lab monkeys on a quest to cure obesity. It's science fiction; therefore the experiments yield some unexpected results. I wrote it as part of one of the monthly challenges in a comic writers’ workshop. This is to be included in an anthology project spearheaded by Shawn Atkins of Workshop13. If you’re interested in indie comics, see if you can join us at the Pittsburgh Indy Comic Society on facebook. Art by THOMAS BOATWRIGHT (Cemetery Blues, Zeke Deadwood). Expected release is April, 2011.

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