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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Goapele Covers Diablo Magazine...

Goapele is on the cover of the San Francsico East Bay magazine "Diablo." The songtress discusses her new album Milk and Honey and new business ventures including a nightclub and clothing boutique. Here's a snippet:

Born in Oakland in 1977, Goapele (pronounced gwah-puh-LAY, which means “to go forward” in her grandmother’s Setswana dialect) is the daughter of an exiled South African political activist father and a New York–born Jewish mother. Her parents married in Kenya, then moved to the East Bay.

“Music and politics were integrated into my upbringing from a very young age. A lot of my family is from South Africa, and during my childhood, there was a rich South African community in the Bay Area,” she says. “There were lots of parties where people would break into singing a cappella or playing conga drums.”

Click here to see more pics and read the full article.

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