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Monday, October 27, 2008

Best Superhero Weekend Ever

I'm home recovering today after having the best superhero weekend! We raised over $4,000 in NJ for our local domestic violence shelter. Overall it was really incredible with only one moment of creepiness; a townie kept trying to get me in his apartment to pose next to his motorcycle engine (not even an actual bike just the engine). I don't mind requests for photos and I even obliged this man's brother by posing on his Harley but seriously, no means NO and I shouldn't have to say it a hundred times and call for backup.

My Harley Quinn suit suffered from a couple of seam separations but nothing major and they were on the back so it was easily overlooked. My new Wonder Woman suit held up rather well and I got the chance to work some fun photographers.

Honestly, I've been blogging my heart out all morning so you can read all about it on Comic Fusion's blogger.

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