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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nadia Nour

Designers from Nadia Nour's Fall 2008: Modern Rustic Americana
What do you get when you cross a philosphy major with a innovator with a penchant for fashion? The answer is a Nadia Nour. A designer who creates flattering apparel that fits flawlessly and is constructed using all natural and select organic textiles. Nour's clothes are born of more than just a love of fashion. The Fall 2008 collection is called "Modern Rustic Americana" and is filled with bold colors, unique shapes and luxe fabrics. Created for women who defy trends, Nadia Nour apparel is designed to inspire a sense of self-assurance and vitality in the women who wear them. If anything stands out to you (and something should) you can find out where to buy her clothes here. Be sure to check out her other collections while you're on the site, they'll inspire you to step-up style quotient!

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